Word to the wise: If you own a dog, do your best to make sure it only poops in your yard, because, if it poops in your neighbor's yard, there's a chance he'll be a gun-toting maniac.

According to InForum, Donald Dale Smith, a 69-year old man from Fargo, is facing felony charges, after he pulled a gun on his neighbor and threatened to shoot him after he saw his dog dropping a deuce on his lawn.

It all started, according to the victim, after Smith confronted him about smoking outside his window and not picking up after his dog. Smith began using racist language towards the victim, which led the victim to tell Smith to knock it off or he'd beat him up.

Smith then retreated to his apartment, grabbed a handgun, went back outside, pointed it at the victim, and stated 'I'll shoot you,' because that's the rational thing to do.

The victim took cover behind a tree, while Smith began walking away, laughing.

He stopped laughing, though, when police arrived on the scene, interviewed witnesses, and then began searching for him. Smith was apprehended a few blocks away, arrested, and charged with terrorizing.

So, let this be a lesson to all of you dog owners: Keep Fido in your yard, unless, of course, you don't mind a gun pointed at your face.