Christmas is almost here, so I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone is searching for this holiday season.

ND Google Trends

If you look up the Google Trends data for North Dakota, you will see some predictable, funny, and even strange searches made here recently.

Rising Searches

The "Rising searches" in North Dakota are some of the most interesting. The number one rising search in North Dakota is "Permanent Christmas lights".


Yes, these are a thing. You can have LED lights installed around your house, not only for Christmas, but for any occasion you may want to celebrate. On average the cost of permanent Christmas lights by foot is between $241 and $645. That includes installation and labor.

Other Interesting Searches

Another top rising search is "Christmas Crack recipe". Naturally I had to look this up. It's a type of candy made with saltines and chocolate. Take a look:

Other Popular ND Searches Include:

  • Is Walmart open on Christmas? -- I also looked this up. The answer is no. They are only open on Christmas Eve.
  • Fir tree
  • Black Christmas Trees - Because we love a Krampus vibe
  • A Christmas Story cast
  • Christmas gifts for women - Women are tricky creatures, I get it.

With Christmas being less than a week away, what are you last-minute googling?

If you're still looking up last minute gifts, no shame. I'm doing the same exact thing. Anyway, those are North Dakota's most popular holiday google searches.

Thanks for reading & happy holidays!

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