Justin Bieber posted another photo with his ex Selena Gomez on Instagram, pretty much confirming that something is still simmering between the two. It was likely taken when she visited him in Norway last weekend but this one was much sexier.

The initial (and eventually deleted picture) featured them cuddling, and Sel was wearing a sly smile, like she was happy to be back with the Biebs.

This new photo sizzles and is hawt! Biebs is shirtless and working on his MacBook Pro, with his hair all sorts of spiked, while Sel is seated behind him, her chin on his shoulder, her arms around his waist and a scowl on her face. It's cute yet incredibly intimate.

It's like we walked in on them. There's electric chemistry between these two kids, yet the look on her face suggests she could be miffed that she flew all that way to be with him and he was immersed in his laptop when she wanted a little somethin' somethin'.

He captioned the phone like so: "'You've been makin music for too long babe come cuddle' –her."

Clearly, the "her" in that sentence is Sel, and she wants him to put down his work and come to her. That's a request any girlfriend would make of her man, even if he's Justin Bieber. We doubt that Da Biebs could resist Sel's charms either, since she's, you know, gorgeous.

Clearly, the couple has some serious unfinished business – romantically, emotionally and physically. This photo is another piece of evidence that the couple can't seem to detangle themselves and the intimacy between them leaps out of the photo.

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