Jennifer Lawrence recently won the top spot on FHM’s list of ‘Sexiest Women in the World.’ JLaw and a few of her ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ costars were asked what they thought of the victory, and unsurprisingly, Jennifer’s opinion differed quite a bit from the others’!

The 23-year-old actress held up her title at the ‘X-Men’ red carpet premiere by wearing a sexy textured blue gown that flattered her curves. When asked about her ‘Sexiest’ label, the actress whipped out her usual self-deprecating humor.

“The lie heard around the world,” she said to Entertainment Tonight of the win. “I know the truth. I know Beyoncé is the queen of the world.”

While we agree that Beyonce is pretty amazing, we’re siding with her ‘X-Men’ costars on this one — they all deemed her plenty worthy of the award.

“She’s amazing. Talented, sexy, beautiful, funny. All those things,” Shawn Ashmore said of the actress.

Hugh Jackman added, “I think she is anything in the world. That woman is extraordinary.”

Ellen Page succinctly agreed with the rest of the cast that Jennifer is “pretty sexy,” while James Marsden got a little more detailed in his response.

“She’s normal,” he explained. “She’s a normal chick who trips over stuff and blows her nose. And she’s beautiful, on top of it.”

Michael Fassbender seemed completely confident when he agreed that Jennifer’s title “makes total sense.”

“It’s her looks, it’s her attitude, it’s her talent,” he went on. “You know, she’s Jennifer Lawrence.”

That she is, and really, that’s all the reasoning we need!

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