Jennifer Lopez is hardly ever photographed out of heels. Turns out the glamazon wears her beloved sky-high shoes even when she is performing dangerous stunts, too. Not only is J. Lo always in heels, she also does her own stunts. No stunt doubles here.

La Lopez was filming in downtown L.A. last week, leaping off the hood of one car onto another in stiletto booties and cloaked in all black, looking like stealth secret agent of some sort.

TMZ reports that the singer, actress, returning 'American Idol' judge and all-around diva was shooting a commercial for a national campaign that'll debut during next week's AMAs. Fans will get to see the fruits of her labor in a few days.

Lopez reportedly did the stunt multiple times. You can see that she is wearing a harness, so it's not like she was free fallin' or free ballin', so to speak. Plenty of insurance coverage was likely secured in advance of this shoot, as well.

Still, color us impressed that she did her own stunt and in heels.

We don't see our favorite action heroes -- Arnold, Tom, Jason, Sly -- pulling their shizzay off in neckbreaker heels. So take that! Nothing comes between a glamazon and her shoes.