Justin Bieber has raised the ire of his neighbors with antics like speeding and spitting, but there's at least one person in his Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood who doesn't think he's a dirtbag: NFL legend Willie McGinest.

TMZ (who else?) caught up with the former New England Patriots linebacker, who lives across the street from the troubled Canadian heartthrob, and McGinest thinks Biebs is the bee's knees.

The three-time Super Bowl champion told TMZ cameras, "He's great. My daughters love him ... whenever he sees the little kids out, he'll stop, say hello."

When pressed if the singer is a "speedster" -- in the driving, not meth-addled sense -- McGinest chuckled, "I haven't seen him speed. I've heard though!"

If you'll recall, another former NFL player, Keyshawn Johnson, infamously chased Bieber down their street for speeding in his Ferrari around little kids. However, McGinest said he doesn't get involved with the drama and wouldn't comment on anything he didn't witness himself.

Plus, it's pretty fair enough to assume that half the time someone is speeding using Bieber's whip, it's not even Bieber himself.