Sometimes, with the best intentions, things go awry. That's exactly what appears to happen to the Kansas State Marching Band over the weekend as a scene from their halftime show has gone viral, for a very -- shall we say phallic -- reason.

During halftime of K-States home opener against South Dakota, the marching band did a performance that was "Sci-Fi" themed. During this performance, there is a scene they try to play out where the Starship Enterprise (from Star Trek) is fighting with an enlarged Jayhawk, the school's mascot. Only, that's not what you see play out.

Yup... that's a 50-yard-long phallus pointed straight at the Jayhawk's mouth.

K-States President quickly took to Twitter to apologize for the unfortunate mistake.

No word yet on what the bands next performance will entail, but we'll be watching!