Today (Oct. 25) is Katy Perry's 29th birthday, but she was the one giving the gifts. She performed at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colo., which was the learning institution that won the contest she launched in the summer. The performance was broadcast on 'Good Morning America,' so it was a wakeup cup of Katy Perry.

The singer dressed the part, wearing a cheerleader uniform, with her hair in a high ponytail. She was surrounded by dancers who were dressed as members of her squad and as football players. She worked that high school motif.

The cheer team was named "Tigers," which is interesting, since it's the lion that roars in 'ROAR.' Ah, whatever -- they're all big cats.

She performed her smash 'ROAR' with high energy, jumping rope mid-song and throwing punches like a boxer. Only KP can making boxing look cute.

"I'm 29 and I feel great," Perry said during the interview portion. "I still feel like I'm 13 sometimes, which you can tell by my music and my spirit."

She was presented with a varsity jacket from the students of Lakewood, too! How sweet.

The singer also performed 'Walking on Air,' another upbeat number from 'Prism,' and her anthemic 'Firework,' which had every kid at Lakewood jumping up and down and going nuts. We hope that the principal of the school gave the kids the rest of the day off. How could they concentrate after an early morning, Katy Perry-fueled pep rally?