According to the North Dakota Game and Fish, you have a deadline to post your land electronically.

Electronic posting passed the 2021 legislature and will go into effect on August 1st.  Landowners can still physically post their land, but this gives them the option to avoid the burden and cost associated with that.  Please, keep in mind, that a posted sign supersedes electronic posting.  Meaning, if a section of land is not posted electronically, but is posted with a physical sign, that land is POSTED.

The deadline to post your land electronically is July 15th.

If you're a landowner, you can do so buy logging on to the North Dakota Game and Fish website and creating an account.  You can that right HERE.

I know I was curious why there was a deadline to post electronically?  I was under the impression with electronic posting, you would be able to post and un-post your land when you wanted to.  I spoke with a representative with the North Dakota Game and Fish, and he said the reason for the deadline this year was so they could print maps for those who do not have the means to use apps or prefer hard copy maps.  This is kind of a way to ease into electronic posting.  You may still be able to un-post your land this year after you posted it electronically, but you won't be able to post it after July 15th  (Unless you do it with a sign).  So, if a landowner wanted to post his land just for the deer season electronically, and open it back up after that, they might be able to do so in the future.  Possibly this 2021-2022 hunting season.  The Game and Fish are still working out the bugs with all of that.

There's a lot of moving parts with this whole process and North Dakota is on the forefront of hunting technology with this new law.

No other state is currently doing electronic posting.  Many are watching to see how it goes for us.


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