Lil Wayne was the latest celebrity to fall victim to a notorious swatting prank, which caused dozens of police, including a heavily armed SWAT team, to search for a shooter at his Miami Beach mansion Wednesday (March 11). Thanks to TMZ, the 911 call from the incident has been released.

An unidentified caller alerted police that he was armed and shot four people inside Weezy’s mansion. “I am in Dwayne’s house, I just shot four people,” the male voice said on the call. “I don’t give a f--- if you are a cop or not I am shooting to kill everyone and everything you f---ing bitch.”

The operator clearly is not amused and seems not to be alarmed at the alleged threats. “So you called on the phone just to say that?” the operator asks. Then there is silence as the call was apparently dropped. The caller dials 911 again only to be met by more questions from the skeptical operator. “So you need an officer?” she asked. “What’s the problem, sir?”

The call sounds like a swatting hoax from jump, however, you can never be too cautious with the level of gun violence in America these days. The police acted responsibly. Luckily, the Young Money boss was not home. However, he pulled up during the search and he and the police were able to clear things up.

The disturbance didn’t have Wayne sidetracked for long. He tweeted to his fans after the incident to reveal it was a hoax and promoted his Free Weezy Album. The police are still on the hunt for the caller.

Listen to the 911 Call From the Lil Wayne Miami Home Shooting Hoax

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