It’s not easy being Lil Wayne. Along with legal problems he has to deal with, the rapper now has to worry about presenting a proper stage show. On Thursday (March 12), Weezy threw a tantrum after the DJ played the wrong mix and it was caught on video.

During his performance at Nova Southeastern University’s 2015 NSU Shark Jamz event in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Tunechi was about to perform his freestyle version of O.T. Genesis’ “CoCo” before the DJ accidentally played the original version instead of the instrumental. This frustrated the “Believe Me” rapper -- and rightfully so -- and he threw his mic at the DJ and stormed off stage.

Now it looks like Wayne did return to the stage after a brief moment. He then asked, “Say DJ, what the f--- you doing? He then added, “So y’all know it ain’t come from me, this n---- up here trippin’.”

We don’t know if this is Wayne’s touring DJ, but if he is, then he's out of a job right about now.

Wayne isn’t the first rapper to have a problem with a DJ messing up the mix. There’s a legendary Notorious B.I.G. video in which the late rapper throws a water bottle at DJ Big Kap for messing up three different mixes. Watch the hilarious clip below.

Watch Notorious B.I.G. Throw a Water Bottle at Big Kap for Messing Up the Mix

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