Christina Aguilera came back in a big way with 'Your Body,' a midtempo banger (we mean that in multiple ways) that showcased her powerhouse pipes as well as her sexy side.

In her new Country Club Martini remix of the track, Aguilera's vocals start with the same "Ah, ah" as the original that dropped yesterday (Sept. 14), and the vocals are identical -- but that's where the similarities end, as the tempo and instrumentation (er, production) are completely and totally different.

The Country Club Martini version of the song has a much more electronic feel and is sure to be a nightclub staple. It has not only a danceable beat, but the subject matter is also pretty common to a club scene: XTina wants it, and she wants it now. Clear out the restrooms! This version is the explicit one too, so you won't exactly hear "All I wanna do / Is love your body.” She uses a much different verb here -- different and more direct.

'The Voice' coach is making a bold statement with her single, the first since 'Bionic' flopped -- and we think she's going to make a lot of waves with this track. Welcome back, XTina!

Listen to Christina Aguilera, 'Your Body (Country Club Martini Remix)'