Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction arrived at LAX on March 7 and were later seen working with Good Charlotte. Of course the dynamic duo were harassed upon landing at the airport but not by shrieking Directioners. Instead, they were pressed by the paparazzi.

One particularly persistent pap kept shouting that he heard Liam makes more than anyone else. Actually, the story suggested that Liam and LT were the top earners within the unit, due to their songwriting efforts.

To get 'em off his back, LT adopted the same accent of the brute asking the question over and over. After the pair peeled away in their car, one of the paps said, "What a d-bag. He's a total d-bag."

Harassing an artist as he tries to make his way through a crowded airport after a long flight doesn't qualify as an act of d-baggery, right?

Anyone digging Tomlinson's headband hair? He is rocking a longer look!