Actor Mark Wahlberg, formerly rapper Marky Mark and a pop sensation himself, has spoken out about Justin Bieber before, since The Biebs will star in a basketball film with him. He recently told The Biebs to sign off Twitter, put down the smartphone and take a vacation in April.

Now he called the teen "a little b—tard" and told him to stop being naughty.

Wahlberg engaged in a webchat when he made his comment.

"Justin, are you listening? Don't be so naughty, yeah?," Wahlberg said.

The topic of weed being found on one of Bieber's tour buses -- it was a crew bus, not The Biebs' personal bus -- came up, to which the actor said, "Be a nice boy, pull your trousers up, make your mom proud and stop smoking weed, you little b--tard."

Wahlberg obviously made his comments lovingly, qualifying and contextualizing The Biebs' state of being. It's not like he was being wholly serious. He did, however, say, "He's a teenager living in a different day and age," confessing that "I was in prison before I got a record out and I don't think he's been to prison."

No, he hasn't, thankfully!

Wahlberg further stated,"He's a nice enough kid and you're going to be a teenager, but if you're being a teen in the spotlight you're going to be criticized for it. This career can be short-lived -- you might as well be the best you can while you're doing it."

Ya hear that, Biebs? Take Mark Wahlberg's advice to heart, since it can help extend the life of YOUR career. He's been there, done that. He knows. 

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