Miley Cyrus' famous tongue has claimed yet another victim: English supermodel Cara Delevingne!

In a photo Miley posted on Twitter yesterday (Dec. 26), the celebs are touching tongues with their mouths wiiide open while sitting next to each other. They're seated on a couch in the filtered shot, which also features the colorful addition of a rainbow shooting across it.

Miley writes to Cara in the accompanying caption, "LOVE!!!!! We finally got the filmed developed Mush." There are rainbow emojis everywhere:


Cyrus doesn't say when and where the photo was taken, but both stars appear to be wearing the exact same outfits they were rocking when they partied in Amsterdam together last month ... just sayin'! It certainly would explain a lot. (Also, who gets film "developed" anymore? Miley probably didn't even realize the picture existed until now.)

Cara has repeatedly been romantically linked with One Direction's Harry Styles, while Miley's tongue has most recently been linked with sledgehammers, foam fingers, stuffed bears and possibly Kellan Lutz.