"I do" met "I spew."

A minister officiating a wedding threw up while the bride was reading her vows. Now, that's embarrassing. As far as things that can go wrong on your wedding day, you have to put this right up at the top, near "the deejay is hammered," "the reception hall flooded" and "the groom hasn't shown up and all I found is this note saying he can't go through with it."

There aren't many other details to offer here, but that's okay because you'll still understand what went down. That'll happen when you see someone blow chunks at an extremely inopportune moment.

You've gotta hand it to this bride, though -- she just kept going. Hey, it's her big day and no one had better even think of trying to upstage her. She's probably been dreaming about this moment since she was a little girl and even if the minister's head snapped off from upchucking so much she would've still powered her way through these vows because she's the star of the show, no matter what.

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