The Bleacher Report is getting college football fans ready for the season beginning Aug. 28 by releasing a list of all the must-watch games of 2014. 

The list mostly consists of games between long-time rivals like Florida and Georgia with a few spots open for games between power conference foes. This is where NDSU at Iowa State comes in at number 50.

We all know that NDSU has returned to North Dakota from Frisco, TX as FCS Champions the last three consecutive years. However, this is not why the Bleacher Report finds this game a must-watch.

The Bison have won against an upper-division team on the road the last four years, hoping to make it a fifth on Aug. 30.

These wins include:

  • 2010 - Kansas
  • 2011 - Minnesota
  • 2012 - Colorado State
  • 2013 - Kansas State
To make this game even more exciting, the last time NDSU lost to a conference rival was in 2009 at Iowa State.
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