Daylight Donuts, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based donut shop company is setting up shop in Bismarck, North Dakota.  Specifically, 820 43rd Avenue northeast suite 100 in North Bismarck.  It's located near the new Cash Wise Foods location in the strip mall just west of the grocery store.

According to Wikipedia, Daylight Donuts was established in 1954 and they have a chain of donut shops located in 13 countries across the world and more than a thousand stores.  All of the donut shops are independently owned and operated.

Daylight Donuts' origins can be traced to 1954.  Founders Tommy and Lucille Day opened up a small business.  They had a humble beginning by producing doughnut mix in the mornings and selling them to stores in the afternoon, mostly out of the trunk of their car according to Wikipedia.

Bismarck's Daylight Donuts will be owned and operated by a local couple Heidi and Brian according to their Facebook page.

Daylight Donuts in Bismarck will offer both drive-thru and walk-up service.  You can also call ahead or order online.

Daylight Donuts Facebook Page
Daylight Donuts Facebook Page

According to Daylight Donuts' Facebook page, the donut shop is expected to open in mid-January.  However, don't be surprised if the shop opens before that, according to a comment on their Facebook page.  Daylight Donuts hours will be 5 am to 12 noon.  Those hours may expand if they can hire more personal.  A problem that just about every store in Bismarck Mandan is facing right now.

Daylight Donuts is known for its tasty donuts but Kolaches are another fan favorite.


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