Lindy's Sports has been publishing magazines covering major sports since the early 1980s. They have been a staple in the sports publishing industry for a long time.

It is no surprise that Lindy's in publishing their NFL Draft magazine would want to feature some of the more prominent players. One of those players is of course Bismarck native and former NDSU Quarterback Carson Wentz.

The magazine lists its top 10 overall players for the 2016 draft and Wentz comes in at number 10. He is the second quarterback on the list behind only former Quarterback at Cal, Jared Goff. (Wentz is listed behind Goff in many draft guides).

Lindy's made one major mistake in their publication though. They wanted to feature a picture of Wentz on their cover. But the player who is actually on the cover is a different NDSU Quarterback. The player who is actually pictured is Brock Jensen.

Jensen went undrafted in 2014 and is currently playing for the Ottawa Redblacks of the Canadian Football League.

In theory, an NFL team could sign Jensen in 2016 if they want to but he probably isn't worthy of making the cover of an NFL themed magazine... and certainly not a 2016 NFL Draft magazine.

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