Jonas Brothers fans need some good news for a change -- how about finding out that hunky Nick Jonas takes off his shirt in a new movie clip?

The youngest JoBro -- who just performed his first solo show since the band's breakup last week -- appears shirtless in the teaser trailer for upcoming film 'Careful What You Wish For.' In the clip, which was released online today (Nov. 4), Nick is rocking the same buff body he showed off in that famous shirtless selfie he posted over the summer.

In the flick, Nick plays Doug Martin, a man who has an affair with a neighbor (Isabel Lucas) that turns tragic when her husband (Dermot Mulroney) is killed. The teaser is only 23 seconds long, but with the sexy skin on display and a steamy kiss between Nick and Isabel, so far this movie looks gooooooood!

'Careful What You Wish For' is scheduled to hit theaters in 2014.