When you think of states where the most successful people live, North Dakota is not one them. But it's time for that mindset to change.

'Success' is a fairly subjective term and each individual has a different barometer for what he or she considers to be successful.

However GoBankingRates.com attempted to give 'success' a general definition most people can agree on.

In the website's most recent rankings, they looked at where the most successful people in the country live based on each state's income level for the top 1 percent, the income level of the bottom 99 percent, the poverty rate, the ratio of millionaires compared to households along with some other factors.

When looking at these numbers in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. it turns out that North Dakota is the ninth most successful state in the entire country.

North Dakota has the second lowest amount of millionaires per household. Only Wyoming has less millionaires. But the 'bottom 99 percent' of North Dakota households make more money than the majority of other states.

North Dakota has the lowest percentage of residents in the lower class.

Here's all of North Dakota's numbers from GoBankingRates:

  • Average income of top 1%: $1.28 million
  • Average income of bottom 99%: $61,178
  • Number of millionaire households: 13,494
  • Ratio of millionaires to total households: 4.59%
  • Number of billionaires: 0
  • Population in upper class: 25%
  • Population in middle class: 56%
  • Population in lower class: 19%
  • Overall poverty rate: 11.5

It's a good thing this study was not based on Olympic medals attained in each state. North Dakota earned as many medals as 119 other countries: 0. Of course there were no North Dakotans participating in the Rio games.

The least successful state was Mississippi. The most successful state was Connecticut. See where every state ranks at GoBankingRates.com