March is National Women's month around the globe.  Have we made any kind of dent in the gender pay gap?  According to our friends at, North Dakota has a long ways to go with equality in the workforce.

COVID-19 has brought on economic turmoil we have not seen in this country since 2008.  Unfortunately, we've made very little progress in pay equality in the workforce since then.  North Dakota ranks number 43 for the smallest gender pay gap in the United States.

So, imagine working all year long, but you stop getting a paycheck on October 8th.  How would you feel about that?  That's what essentially is happening to women in North Dakota.

Kind of an unsettling statistic for the Peace Garden State.  The average salary for a man in North Dakota is $54,899 dollars, while the average salary for a woman is only $41,718.  A disturbing difference of $13,181.

No state across the United States pays women more than men and the gap has not closed at all over the last decade.  Vermont ranks number one for the smallest pay gap, with women earning 9% less than men.  As bad as North Dakota is, Wyoming has the largest gender pay gap with women earning 35% less than men.

Is there a profession with a smaller pay gap when it comes to women and men?  The job role with the smallest pay gap is Producers and Directors, where women earn 6% MORE than men.

How about the profession with the biggest pay gab between women and men?  Ladies, might want to "object" to this particular job.  Women lawyers earn 45% less than men.  Yikes, now that is huge difference.  How is that even legal?



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