What started as an open process has become almost a farce as the University on North Dakota comes one step closer to "selecting" their new nickname. The ongoing public vote, who's 2nd round concluded on 11/6, narrowed the list of potential names down to 2 from 3.

The final 2 nicknames to be voted on by eligible voters, but not necessarily become the final nickname for the school, are Fighting Hawks and Roughriders.

The process, which started way back in 2012 when the school was forced to stop using the Fighting Sioux nickname by the NCAA, has taken more than 18 months to complete. It started with the formation of a committee to oversee the process and continued in the spring when the general public was pulled into the process with an open submission period.

The final voting process started with the Top 5 names as selected by the University President. It was suppose to conclude with the Top 2 names continuing to a final round of voting, but they decided to add a 3rd name to that vote to drag the process out even more. Now the Top 3 have been narrowed to the Top 2. The final voting period will run 11/12 through 11/16. We fully expect even more eligible voters to attempt to sell their votes as this process drags on.

[h/t KX News]