That's a BIG 10-4.  Looks like we got ourselves a convoy.  The Rolling Freedom Rally is set to truck through North Dakota on Thursday, March 3rd.  This comes on the heels of Canada's "Freedom Rally", where a convoy of truckers and anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate supporters are driving through North Dakota and Minnesota today.

This truck rally will start at Shatz Crossroads in Minot, North Dakota on Thursday, March 3rd at 10 am.  It will then travel down south on Highway 83 to Bismarck.  It will then stop at the Stamart Travel Center in Bismarck at 12 noon and begin its journey on Interstate 94 in Bismarck and head east to Petro Truck Stop on 45th street in Fargo, North Dakota around 5 pm.  The Rolling Freedom Rally will then head to the Truckers Inn truck stop in Sauk Center, Minnesota at 9 pm where it will spend the night before picking up again on Thursday morning.

This caravan will continue through Minnesota on Friday, March 4th, and eventually, make its way across the country to Maryland.

Event organizers wrote, "peaceful shows of support are encouraged on I-94 overpasses in Bismarck."

Similiar Truckin' rallies have been taking place all over the United States and Canada recently.  In fact, our neighbors to the west in Montana just recently had one.  Missoula, Montana saw nearly 300 vehicles line up on Highway 93.  You can read all about that here from NBC Montana.



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