Kidd Interviews Ed Sheeran
Are you an Ed Sheeran fan? Interested in his upcoming album and big projects? Kidd was too. If you missed his interview, watch it below.
Emblem 3 Performs for Kidd Kraddick
Were you an Emblem 3 fan when they were contestants on the most recent season of X Factor? Well if you missed them performing this morning on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show, I've got the video for you below!
Pete Wentz Calls Kidd Kraddick
Who doesn't like a handsome bass player who plays in one of the hottest bands? Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy talked to Kidd about their upcoming tour and something speical they're doing for Boston. If you missed the interview, check it out here:
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The 10 Funniest Celebrity Meltdowns Caught on Tape (NSFW)
Let's face it -- as much as we identify with celebrities, we don't really know them. That's why public meltdowns, where they show their peevish, arrogant and sometimes crazy sides, are so darned fascinating. When this happens, our perception of celebs can change forever. Think about it -- will you e…
Dumb Celebrity Quotes – Who Said This?
This former child star believes in basing her life around the antics of animals. She once said, "I hate all those anti-nervous medicines. Animals are all nervous. Look at squirrels - they're always like, 'Oh my God!'"