The North Dakota deer season begins Friday, November 5th at 12 noon.  This could be one of the more challenging deer seasons in recent years because of EHD.  Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease mainly affects Whitetail deer and has been especially bad around Bismarck Mandan this year.  I witnessed that firsthand south of Bismarck myself while pheasant hunting this year.  You can read about that here. 

Still, much like the beginning of every Minnesota Vikings season, there's cause for optimism.  You can expect a sea of orange over the North Dakota countryside this weekend.  I sat down with our very own Steve Bakken who will be hunting for a Whitetail or Muley buck in southwest North Dakota this weekend.  Together, we compiled "The 7 Essentials at a North Dakota Deer Camp."

Good luck everybody, have a safe and happy hunt.

7 Essentials At A North Dakota Deer Camp



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