A couple weeks ago, we did a story on the least healthiest county in North Dakota. Now, we reveal the healthiest county in NoDak.

The criteria for this study was-

Rankings are based on overall health outcomes, a weighted composite of length of life, quality of life, and overall health factors. The health factors is itself a weighted composite of healthy behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment measures.

The finds were published by 24/7 Wall St.

The healthiest county in North Dakota is Traill County.

Nearly 36% of Traill County residents were obese, significantly higher than both the state and national rates. Still, the county had the highest health ranking of any other county in the state, largely due to strong socioeconomic factors. Like North Dakota, Traill had an especially low unemployment rate at just 3.1%. Also, more than 76% of residents 25-44 had completed at least some college, versus the state rate of 74.4%, which was itself the highest rate of all states. Financial security helped improve housing situations for many residents -- 11% of North Dakotan households had at least one severe housing problem, the lowest state share. In Traill, just 6.5% of households reported such concerns. In addition, the vast majority of residents had access to health insurance and healthy food.

Surprised? I thought so!

Luis Ascui / Getty Images