Libraries are totally still a thing and there is a great one right here in Bismarck.

Many people don't realize how well libraries have actually kept up with changing times. Of course libraries have internet access but there also also services you can access online from home and libraries allow you to access a plethora of databases to obtain information that would otherwise be very difficult to come by.

Tech Insider opted to look at the most beautiful library in each state and it is no surprise that in North Dakota, they chose the State Library located right next to the Capitol building.

It is a very cool looking building from the outside and the North Dakota State Library has been in operation since 1907 which means next year they will celebrate their 110th birthday.

They have not always been in their current building though. When the library opened in 1907, it was located in a single room inside the Capitol. It moved to its current location in 1936. In 1970, the library moved to the Randal Building located North of Bismarck. However, in 1982, the library returned to its current location once again.


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