I heard a rumor that Williston, North Dakota is being overrun by a Mob, is that true? No reason to panic if you are on your way out there, but there is a new "Mob" that is hitting up local stores and restaurants. According to KFYRTV.com members on a Facebook page called "Cash Mob" gather votes weekly on what business they can "Mob" next. This brilliant idea was started about two weeks ago and already the "Happy Mob" has more than 1,200 members.

The creator of the Facebook page Bart Rasmussen explains the "Mob" this way “I think it just helps bring awareness of the businesses in town that are available. You know, rather than people shopping online or going to the big box stores. People will think of these businesses first,”  He encourages people from other cities to take note of this "Movement" and create their own FB pages - an excellent vehicle to generate excitement while increasing traffic to their local business.

The reports are coming in now, the first place to get visited by the "Mob" was Hula Fire Grill - an abundance of customers were seen at the scene, and the owners say they were still busy days later. Ritter Brothers Diamond Cutters in downtown Williston became the second place "Targeted" and Manager Evan Ritter felt the love big time and embraced "Cash Mobsters" - “In other cities, similar groups don’t even have these numbers, but I think that really talks about just the strength of our community. I think a lot of people around here really embrace that shopping local and supporting each other,” 

SO next time you are in Williston "Walk softly and carry a big wallet" and look for the "Cash Mob".


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