The state of North Dakota has received tons of press in recent years for all of the great things happening here, but there are some not-so-great things happening here, as well.

The folks over at Thrillist recently released a map, distinguishing what every single state was the worst at.

Some weren't so bad. Take Georgia, for example. They're the worst at having integrity. Others were REALLY bad, like Alaska, who has the highest chlamydia rate, and Missouri, whose worst attribute is their abundance of puppy mills.

So, when you hear that North Dakota's the worst at getting people to visit the state, it really doesn't seem all that terrible.

Here's what Thrillist had to say about why people aren't clamoring to get to North Dakota:

Geography isn't really helping North Dakota out, since it's isolated from a lot of the country. But it's not like South Dakota is somehow geographically sexier. The big difference: North Dakota doesn't have a huge tourist attraction like Mt. Rushmore. You know, unless you consider the National Buffalo Museum a must-see.

To see what other states are the worst at, visit Thrillist HERE.