So you've been in a relationship, right? And we all make certain sacrifices for the ones we love. Tonight we met the women who love men who love "THE HOBBIT"!

Mia and I learned this is not uncommon. Tonight we were getting ready to give away tickets to see The Hobbit at the midnight showing at the Grand Theaters, which happens every Thursday and Friday on HOT 975 at 4:20 pm. When talking about the new movie, we realized we knew very little about the movie, so we asked our listeners to call the studio at 663-9797.

Our callers were all women who admitted they only knew about the movie because their husbands were The Hobbit fanatics. They all admitted they probably would not have ever seen the movie or knew about it had it not been for their husbands. They also proudly admitted their husband is a nerd for loving the movie so much. I think this is a prime example of adopting something you would otherwise not have cared at all about, all because you love somebody.

Check out what our new friend's taught us about loving nerds

You can go check out the The Hobbit at Grand Theaters SHOW TIMES. Also, listen to HOT 975 tomorrow at 4:20 for your chance to win tickets.

What have you started enjoying simply because your significant other does? And have you gave your partner something new to enjoy in return?