Back in the day when she was supposed to be the next Julia Roberts- strong, tall, elegant, classy, choosing rolls with character and a boyfriend who scammed the world and she said she didn't know. However her recent interview with Harper's Bazaar makes me wonder who she really is? Anne describes herself in the interview as "Bizarre world - good girl cartoon....very vanilla, very sweet, very accessible, no grit and non- sexy". Disqualifying herself from the movie role of Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey for lacking sex appeal. Do you agree?

Anne is now serious, seemingly lost of joy and yes working but with minimum authenticity. Even when she got shot up skirt getting out of a limo she condemend society for being interested in her VJJ. I wish the new Anne would laugh, eat and do a comedy- something that showed her imperfect and be impressed that the world actually cares about her VJJ!

Do you think I am asking too much?

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