It has officially been 10 years since the release of 'The Notebook' and it still remains a favorite among the romance film genre. 

Although I have seen this movie countless times, there are many behind the scene facts I was unaware of. Find out if you know these 10 little known facts about this popular film.

  • 1

    The Film Was Shot Backwards

    The scenes of Noah and Allie after seven years had passed were actually the first ones shot.

    The main reason for shooting this way was because Ryan Gosling had to have a thick beard and be 20 pounds heavier for later scenes. To make this easier, the crew shot those scenes first then took a break over Christmas allowing Gosling some time to lose the weight.

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  • 2

    Many Famous Actresses Auditioned for the Role of Allie

    Rachel McAdams had a lot of competition for the roll of Allie Hamilton.

    Other actresses who auditioned for the role include Jessica Biel, Ashley Judd and Reese Witherspoon.

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    Gosling Lived as 'Noah' for 2 Months

    Gosling is a very dedicated actor. He chose to live in character for two full months before the movie began filming.

    Gosling lived in South Carolina rowing the Ashley River and building furniture, including the kitchen table used in the film.

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  • 4

    Not Historically Accurate

    Some history buffs have called out different aspects of 'The Notebook' which is set in 1940.

    The scene where Allie and Noah are walking home from the movie there are parking meters visible. No parking meters were in South Carolina until 1947.

    The Billie Holiday song, 'I'll Be Seeing You,' was not released until 1944 and the two are seen dancing to it.

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  • 5

    Gosling Wore Colored Contacts

    The famous actor actually has blue eyes but he wore brown contacts throughout the film.

    James Garner, who played the 'old Noah' had brown eyes so Gosling wore the contacts so it was consistent. However, there is a scene where he must have forgotten the contacts and you can see those gorgeous baby blues.

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  • 6

    Gosling and McAdams Did Not Get Along

    Even though 'The Notebook' stars dated for two years after the film wrapped, they were not fond of each other during filming.

    Gosling confessed it was hard filming a love story with someone he didn't get along with.

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  • 7

    Casting the 'Old Allie' Was Easy

    When casting Allie in her old age, there was not much competition.

    Gena Rowlands was chosen because she is the director's mother.

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  • 8

    Line is Wrong in Romantic Stop Light Scene

    Noah and Allie romantically watch the stop light change colors and Noah adds that he and his father used to watch it change from "green to red to yellow."

    Stop lights actually change from green to yellow to red.

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  • 9

    Some Shots Don't Match Up

    While older Noah is eating lunch with Allie he is seen wearing reading glasses in one shot, then it jumps to bifocals in the next.

    During the candlelit dinner, Allie sits wearing a plaid shawl. It disappears as she and Noah eat, then reappears in the next shot.

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  • 10

    Forgot to Hide Microphone During Ferris Wheel Scene

    The scene where Noah hangs from the ferris wheel may be one of the most famous.

    It is surprising that many have not noticed the microphone clipped to the middle of Gosling's shirt.

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