WIN food from Fireflour every weekday with Kori B. Hot 97-5!

Do you know the party game, 5-Second Rule? It is a simple game where you must think on your toes. How do you play? There are cards with topics in which players are challenged to give three answers in five seconds. And we are playing a similar version to hook you up with a gift certificate from Fireflour Pizza!

WHAT: 5-Second Rule

WHEN: Every weekday at 3:20 PM

HOW TO PLAY: Listen to Hot 97-5 every weekday at 3:20 for Kori B. to name a topic. She will then give the cue-to-call and caller 9 will get the chance to play first. The player will have five seconds to name three items that fit the topic. The caller to get a correct answer wins $10 to Fireflour Pizza.


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