Are you prepared for a disaster? It turns out that our own Kellie Rasberry is far from a prepper, so this list of must-have items that will help you survive a disaster is a god-send.

The list of items worth hoarding comes from PreparednessPro, which boasts that it's "all about the panic-free lifestyle of self-sufficient living." There's actually 58 items on the full list, but let's start with the 10 most hoard-worthy items.

  1. A Generator
  2. Water filters/purifiers
  3. Portable toilets
  4. Seasoned firewood
  5. Lamp oil, wicks, lamps
  6. Coleman fuel
  7. Self-defense weapons besides guns and ammo
  8. Hand can openers, hand egg beaters and whisks
  9. Honey, syrup, white and brown sugars
  10. Rice, beans and wheat
Listen to Kellie Rasberry freak out and share her disaster preparation process below: