Lisa Hawkins, of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, is breathing a sigh of relief today after the Salvation Army returned a diamond ring of hers, worth a hefty $10,000, which she accidentally dropped in to one of the charity's holiday donation kettles.

According to KX News, Hawkins reported to her local news affiliate that on a Christmas shopping excursion Tuesday, December 2, she stopped to drop her spare change in the kettle as she passed by. When she returned home later, the ring was gone.

Hawkins says that she had the ring, which was a tenth anniversary gift 24 years ago, tucked away in her purse and planned to have it re-sized. When she discovered it gone, she immediately thought of the kettle and guessed correctly that she had accidentally scooped it up along with the change.

When local news station KDKA-TV, which Hawkins had spoken to of the incident, learned that volunteers for the Salvation Army had found the ring, they put Hawkins in touch with them, making the miraculous return possible.