School is getting ready to start in North Dakota, and parents are scrambling to get their kids ready to hit the books.

School supplies, new clothes, laptops, new bikes... the list of things you might have to get goes on and on.


Aside from back-to-school shopping, there are a couple of other things we need to keep in mind as we get ready to get our kids back to school.


1. First Day Photos

As a parent, I'm sure you want to document each passing year. You want to commemorate the first day of school for your kids. Keep in mind when you're taking those back-to-school photos not to reveal too much.

If you take a picture, try not to show too much of your house. You don't want to let predators know where to find you and/or your child. Watch out for house numbers and mailboxes.

Something else to keep in mind: if your child is holding up a sign that says what grade they are going into and how old they are, make sure to leave off which school they are attending.


2. School Bus Laws

You are going to see a lot more school buses around town, so make sure you know when/if it is illegal to pass them, how far to stay behind, and what the different lights on a school bus may mean.

While I'm sure you know the drill, this is just a friendly reminder.

School In Session

All seriousness aside, I hope everyone is excited and ready to have a great school year. Thanks for reading! TTFN.


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