Have a family reunion or a neighborhood bbq this weekend, or maybe go camping with friends. What to bring to share is always at the back of all our minds. Let us help, these ideas are simple and better yet, won't break the bank.

1. Cold Cut Sliders 

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Cold Cut Sliders - Tigger & BEC

You got it, those delicious little Hawaiian King rolls make for an ideal quick sharing snack to an event or a day on the lake! Just over the holiday weekend, I took a 24-roll pack and within minutes was ready to head out. My go-to so it's simple is to keep the whole works connected, then slice across the middle of the sheet of rolls. Gently flip that top layer off, spread it with my favorite mayo or mustard then layer with prepared sub-meat layers, like roast beef, turkey or ham, and then our favorite cheese. Place the top back on, place it back into the paper tray, and quick slice the works. Slide the tray back in the sack and write on the outside. Just remember, if using mayo, meat, or cheeses - the sandwiches will need to keep cool, the works fit into most large coolers.

2. Beef Jerky

One can never go wrong with a selection of beef jerkies! Plus, with the hot weather, the idea of not having to keep refrigerated is even a bigger bonus! Mix it up, and grab two to three different types. Serve on a platter, fancy it up and add some green olives or cubed cheese, or if a relaxed atmosphere just toss the jerky bags on the table.

3. Licorice

Who doesn't like a sweet treat that can fit in the hand! Have fun with this one, grab several different flavors of licorice or Twizzlers, and add lots of color with the fruity ones too as it is summer! Take the packages, while still in a bundle cut the whole works all at once into thirds. Serve in a bowl tossed together or on a platter in piles of flavors!

Have fun this summer from being on a boat to at a bbq, remember there really are no rules to making memories with the ones we choose to spend our precious time with.

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