Chelsea Nelson, 22, of Minot, is in hot water after testing positive for using meth. Nelson is currently an inmate at the Dakota Women's Correctional Rehabilitation Center in New England, North Dakota.

And as if it weren't baffling enough that she managed to get her hands on meth while incarcerated, she in fact obtained enough to share -- with four other inmates. It leaves us to wonder, as KXNews reader elizab asks in the story's comments section on, "Where was the correctional staff during all this?"

Nelson's drug use was revealed last August when an investigation was ordered into whether or not inmates were using while behind bars. Also testing positive were: Krystanna Knox, 23, of Mandan; Darcy Schauer, 32, of Baldwin; Elaine Martinez, 22, and April Bracklin, 27, both of New England.

It is not yet known how Nelson obtained the drug; the CRC's warden, Rachelle Juntunen, was unavailable for comment when KXNews attempted to contact her Jan. 6.