For the first time in years, I was able to spend Father's Day with my babies. Unfortunately, some expected news turned it bittersweet for me. 

This morning started out pretty awesome for me. I was allowed to sleep in, and my babies stayed pretty quiet throughout the morning. Breakfast was waiting for me when I did wake, and my babies were quick to wish me a Happy Father's Day with a big hug!

Joey Dee

After getting dressed, We took the babies down to the Civic Center to check out Discover the Dinosaurs. Elijah and Lily LOVE dinosaurs, so I was looking forward to experiencing it with them. It was fun to see them point out their favorite dinosaurs and have some fun with all the activities they had laid out.

Joey Dee
Joey Dee

After our fun at the Civic Center, we went back to our apartment and played in the pool for the only 20 minutes I've seen today of absolute sunny weather today. That was the fist time I've been able to play in the pool with my babies since it opened a couple weeks ago.

After getting back to the apartment, I started to call my family to wish the fathers, as well as my own, a Happy Father's Day. (I usually just txt my friends and bros, but ALWAYS call dads/grandpas/ect...) Before I could make my first call, my phone started ringing, and the name that popped up was "Father Sir." From the first words out of his mouth, I already knew what he was calling for.

A couple hours ago, my Grandmother passed away. For the last couple months, she has been battling a recurrence of cancer, as well as other health issues that eventually wore away at her. The last week or so, she had been under hospice care. Even knowing that it was coming, it's never easy.

I wish I could be back there right now, to be a comfort to my family in this time of need. I'll do what I can, and hope to be home for the memorial.

A bittersweet day...