It sounds like it could be the name of the next big hipster indie rock band, but it's not. A 'Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse' is a most certainly an astronomical event and it happens tonight (January 20th).

Tonight, the moon will move through the Earth's shadow which will cause a super blood moon lunar eclipse. According to, the moon will be as close to Earth as it ever does causing the 'Super Moon' aspect of the phenomenon. January's full moons are known as a 'Wolf Moon' and that covers that portion of the bizarre name.

The 'Blood Moon' occurs when molecules in our atmosphere will make it so that red light from the sun will bend into Earth's shadow. This, according to NASA. Due to the 'Super Moon' aspect, the shade of red for tonight's Super Blood Wolf Moon may appear to be an even darker red. Imagine the color of a suit Ron Burgundy might wear (which also happens to be the color burgundy).

At precisely 11:12 p.m. CST, the Earth, moon, and sun will be in perfect alignment for a lunar eclipse. If you're willing to bundle up and stand out in the forecasted single digit temps tonight, you'll get quite the show when you look up. The astronomical event will last until 1:48 a.m. CST when the moon will be out of Earth's shadow.

This will be the only total lunar eclipse in 2019 and the last one until 2021, but for everyone in North America, it's the last one until 2022.

Feel free to stand out in the cold and look up at the North Dakota sky for tonight's Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse. (Now that I've said that enough, I've decided to start my own hipster indie rock band with that name, patent pending.)

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