If Beyonce can do it, why can't her fellow belter Adele? And no, we're not talking about being a celebrated singer or having her first child last year, either. We're talking about being the subject of a cable TV documentary!

After Bey's widely viewed 'Life Is But a Dream' doc was one of the most-talked about TV events in years, producers have sparked a bidding war over the rights to make a film about the British songstress who shuns celebrity, skimpy outfits and pop stardom in favor of simply being a singer.

HBO, home to Bey's film, is the frontrunner, since the 'Someone Like You' singer name-checked it at the Oscars. When asked what was next for her, the new Oscar winner, who picked up an Academy Award for Best Original Song for her 'Skyfall' Bond theme, said, "Maybe I’ll do a HBO special like Beyonce did."

And in 24 hours, offers were in her lap, according to The Mirror.

Word is CNN and FOX are vying to be Adele's documentarians, too.

An Adele doc would be of particular interest, given her mass appeal and the fact that she is intensely private, so much so that she hasn't even revealed her newborn son's name. Her last major US TV interview was with Anderson Cooper on'60 Minutes.'