The D.E.N.N.I.S. system finally pays off. As Always Sunny prepares to go before cameras for its thirteenth (!) season, cast confirms that Glenn Howerton will be back in his role as Dennis Reynolds – but for how long?

The A.P. Bio star most recently walked back comments about a possible Always Sunny return, even as he stressed not “officially” leaving the FXX series. The character was granted a surprisingly definitive exit in the twelfth season, as Dennis decided to embrace a new family and leave the Paddy’s Pub life behind. Howerton also clarified that he might remain with Sunny in a behind-the-scenes capacity, but co-star Kaitlin Olson now confirms to The Wrap that her on-screen brother will return:

I do know that Glenn Howerton is coming back for some episodes. I don’t know the specifics, but I do know how he’s being introduced back in, and it is absolutely hilarious.

Curiously, the piece also suggests Olson’s subsequent attempt to avoid spoilers was “too cagey to even publish,” and alluded to the possibility of an “evil twin” storyline. Star Charlie Day also previously claimed that Season 13 might see Howerton’s onscreen return at least part of the season, as Day wouldn’t want to continue the show without Dennis.

For the moment, it is not yet clear if Always Sunny Season 13 will premiere in 2018, or if Season 14 might take another extended hiatus. Stay tuned for the latest.

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