I'm guessing tonight ( March 28th, 2023 ) might be a pretty cool time for a drive out of town

Here is an idea, either your kids say they are bored too much lately OR you have in-laws in town and you want to show them the sights, tonight sounds like a real doozy. You might think I'm talking about the Northern Lights, which is nothing short of incredible. I am actually telling you about something that won't happen again for another 17 years ( No I'm not talking about me getting a second date )

The "Planet Parade" will be taking place shortly after sunset...

...tonight! The stars of the show are planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. According to wionews.com "Right after the sunset, look towards the West. According to Bill Cooke, a lead at NASA's meteoroid environment office, “you'll see these planets strung out in a line extending about 50 degrees or so.” It means the planets will extend from the sky's horizon to about halfway up."   This is truly a rare astronomical event.

So will we actually be able to see these 5 planets or will they be just tiny little dots fading in and out of the clouds?

Well here is what the sky experts are saying about the last question posed:  "Yes. Three planets will appear bright enough to get spotted by your naked eye. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will put up a great show. Mercury and Uranus aren’t fond of humans, it seems. You might need binoculars to spot them"  - it sure sounds a lot better than staying home and watching a lame show on TV.


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