Nooo! Here's a rumor we hope isn’t true. Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes of the Wanted may have broken up. Grande hinted at a possible split with some comments she made in a radio interview. Aw, Nariana are such an adorbs duo that we refuse to believe it.

During a radio interview wit 93.3 FLZ on Wednesday, Dec. 18, Grande was asked about her relationship with Sykes, to which she replied, "You're a little behind," further saying, "We're really good friends," according to E!

The station posted an item about the interview and the split, which has been yanked already. It also tweeted about the breakup, but that digital transmission has also been deleted, making us think the station jumped the gun by spilling the beans or by reporting something that may not be accurate.

The truth is...we just don't know. What we do know is that Nariana couldn't keep their hands off each other and seemed cray cray in love when they were out and about, like in this romantic, intimate photo below, taken at a restaurant in London last month.

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Neither Grande nor Sykes has commented about their possible split on Twitter. They confirmed their relationship and came out as a couple via Twitter, so it wouldn't shock us if they shared news of a breakup in the same fashion.

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Since becoming Twitter official, the couple has often been seen holding hands and snuggling, not afraid to shower each other with affection.

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It's worth nothing that they both addressed recent professional situations on Twitter, with Sykes seemingly commenting on the rumor that the Wanted are getting dropped from their label, writing: "Ooooo I know what to say! Don't believe anything until you hear it from me or one of the boys. Everyyyoneee calmmmmm doooowwwwnnnnn."

For her part, Grande responded to rumors she was done with acting, posting: "apparently I'm "retiring from acting" but that's not true. :) just thought I'd clear that up, definitely a rumor... moooorning loves."

If they really are dunzo, we'd expect at least some sort of Twitter comment.

Let's hope their not O-V-E-R.

For what it's worth, this cute pic is still on Sykes' Instagram.