Looking for a nugget or a crumb of info about Lady Gaga's upcoming album 'ARTPOP' while the Mother Monster is continuing her recovery from surgery? Well, you've got it, and it's courtesy of her father Joe Germanotta.

Last week, Joe and the original Mother Monster, his wife Cynthia, attended an event featuring Gaga's former choreographer Richy Jackson in NYC. Some fans who were on site got the opportunity to speak to Joe, who was sipping on a beverage. The little monsters were grilling him (nicely) about new music or any morsel of information he was willing to share about his famous daughter.

Papa G was polite and did say that she's working on a new album and that he thinks the single is due in August. He joked that he didn't write anything with her and that he is a critic! The audio is noisy, due to the party atmosphere, but it's still information. He also said his daughter is doing fine after her surgery. So it's all good news delivered by the man who sired Gaga.

In other Gaga news, her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney shot down the pervasive rumors that he and the Mama Monster would be swapping vows this summer, labeling it "news to me." He also joked that the person who posed the question probably knows more about the rumors than he does.

So no wedding bells for Gaga this summer.