Austin Mahone recently stopped by MTV and totally let loose with his Mahomies. The 'What About Love' singer's activities included a pie eating contest, a basketball shootout and showing off his perfectly poised pushups.

Two of Austin's Mahomies got to compete against their idol in a pie-eating contest, and boy, did they get messy! The trio had a minute to eat as much pie as they could, though the Mahomies were no match for Austin, seeing as he really demolished quite a good portion of his pie. Maybe next time, ladies.

Mahone also sang the praises of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, saying how great they are to tour with and how he even looks up to them! He said, "I can definitely learn a lot from them because they're on top and they're still so nice." It doesn't sound like he'll be getting a big head anytime soon! He also said he'd love to write with T. Swift, but he still has to ask her. Aww, Austin. A little shy when you're around Taylor?

Of course, Austin had to show off how he gets his fit bod by doing 30 pushups in 30 seconds. Dang, no wonder he's got guns! Though his Mahomies really overestimated Austin's fitness level, saying he could do 74 pushups in 30 seconds.

Mahone also showed off his competitive streak in a basketball shootout with two of his fans. If either of the fans won, they received a signed poster by Austin, but unfortunately, the pop star wouldn't let up and ended up beating the tar out of both of them. C'mon man, you should have let them win!

Mostly what we learned from Austin is that we'd really like to hang out with him. He looks like fun!