In case you didn't know, which you probably didn't, Chad Kroeger is a total romantic and proposed to Avril Lavigne after only dating for one month! Both Lavigne and Kroeger were on hand at 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest,' to chat about their impending nuptials and their work together on Avril's still-untitled upcoming album including her new single 'Here's to Never Growing Up.'

So how did the Nickelback casanova propose to his blushing bride-to-be? Avril explained, "I have been making this scrapbook of my time in the studio with a Polaroid camera and the only thing that was weird was I walked into the studio and he was putting a picture in to the book and I was like ‘What is he doing?'"

She continued, "I walk over and he had taken a photo of himself holding the ring box and put the Polaroid in my scrapbook and because I had stickers everywhere he put in ‘Will you marry me?’ It was really romantic." Kroeger's a total teddy bear!

Avril also revealed that their themed wedding would be on the smaller side with mostly close friends and family attending, saying, "But Chad doesn’t even know everything yet!" Really keepin' Chad out of wedding planning, huh? She also revealed that their cake would be emblazoned with lyrics from a song they have written together. Perhaps this will be the song they premiere at their wedding, as Chad hinted? Could be!

In regards to her new album, which she said is due out this summer, the songstress is taking her love of Hello Kitty to a new level -- she's written a whole entire track about the Japanese cartoon character, which Chad said has a more aggressive sound. Lavigne also revealed that Marilyn Manson will appear on a heavier track on the album titled 'Bad Girl.' The 'Complicated' pop star is pulling out all the stops on this new venture. We're interested to hear the final product!

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