"The Bachelorette" and a contestant are both from Minnesota.

Did you catch the season premiere of "The Bachelorette" last night? You may have noticed that our neighbor state to the east is being represented by both the bachelorette and one of the contestants. Just who are these two beautiful Minnesotans looking for love on reality TV?


Last night, for two hours, we watched cringy introductions, and several eliminations - all in one episode! The bachelorette herself is Michelle Young, an elementary school teacher in Burnsville, Minnesota. And one of the contestants who is a real estate developer from Minneapolis was - SPOILER ALERT - immediately eliminated in the season premiere. So, we likely will never know much about Joe Coleman.

You might recognize some of "The Bachelorette" settings on this season.

According to Marie Claire, we will see Michelle Young and her suitors in cities like Palm Springs, Minneapolis, and even Punta de Mita, Mexico. Filming in Minneapolis reportedly took place at the Marquardt Hotel.

Do you already have a favorite contestant?

Last night was the first time I have ever watched "The Bachelorette." I honestly expected it to be a little cheesy, but I did not realize that even the introductions are theatrical and odd. And actually, one of the oddest introductions turned out to be a contestant that I think I am going to like! Rick Leach rolled in under a serving cart, with his head in a platter. Yes, it was beyond weird. But, in my opinion, he actually seems like he could be one of the good ones... and he is cute!

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