Did you know there are actually goats at Balancing Goat Coffee Co.?

Sometimes, if I leave for work early enough, I drive to the far edge of Mandan for a strawberry-kiwi Italian soda and a BG breakfast bagel from Balancing Goat Coffee Co. I feel like I frequent their drive-thru, but today, I noticed a funny quirk about the shop - they actually have goats! Did you know?

You have to look closely to see the goats climbing the rocks.

While there are not real-life goats roaming the grounds of the Balancing Goat Coffee Co., you can have fun trying to spot all the little hidden figurines in the rock walls. Next time you are in the drive-through at Balancing Goat Coffee Co., take a look out your passenger window and see if you can spy any goat climbing the rocks.

I have always wanted to see goats climbing rocks.

When I lived in Colorado, one thing I always wanted to see while traveling through the mountains was goats. I saw plenty of wildlife but never saw any goats - the only time I have ever seen them is at petting zoos and in those YouTube videos where goats scream to Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble." So, I have to laugh that the first time I saw goats climbing rocks was at a drive-thru in North Dakota.

Don't you love finding quirky "Easter Eggs" at local establishments?  Where have you found fun, hidden things in North Dakota?

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